Jervois holds a royalty over gold production from the Bullabulling gold deposit in Western Australia.

The Jervois Royalty covers approximately 84 per cent of the total indicated and inferred resource of 3.75 million ounces.

The deposit is 70 kilometres south-west of Kalgoorlie and is contained in indicated and inferred resources of approximately 110 million tonnes grading a little over 1 gram a tonne. The deposit is now owned by the Chinese mining company Zijin Mining through its ownership of private company Norton Goldfields Limited, which also owns the nearby Paddington mine.

The royalty is a significant asset of Jervois. It is $30 an ounce on the first 400,000 ounces of production and $20 an ounce thereafter for the life of the mine.

In 2013 Bullabulling Gold Ltd, which was subsequently acquired by Zijin, reported that a pre-feasibility indicated that a 7.5 million tonne per annum project was technically and financially viable and would produce 650,000 ounces of gold in the first three years, and 2.6Moz over the initial life of mine.

We value our relationship with Zijin as a significant shareholder in Jervois through the wholly owned subsidiary company Gold Mountains (H.K) International Company Limited.


Jervois holds a gross production royalty of 1.7% on the value of scandium and any other products derived from the Nyngan deposit in New South Wales, Australia. The royalty extends for 12 years from the date of first production from Nyngan.

Scandium International (SCI), is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and, following completion of its feasibility study, recently announced that it completed the 100% acquisition of its subsidiary EMC Metals Australia Pty Limited (EMC). EMC, as project sponsor, has in turn appointed Lycopodium Minerals Pty Limited to build the Nyngan Scandium Project under an EPCM contract.

A mining lease has been granted by the New South Wales Government which clears the way for project financing and development.

The definitive feasibility study contained a mining reserve of 1.45Mt @ 409ppm Sc, within a measured and indicated resource of 16.8Mt @ 235ppm Sc. Envisaged annual production levels are 38.5 tonnes of scandium oxide.


Jervois owns the Flemington-Syerston Nickel / Cobalt / Scandium deposit at Fifield in New South Wales. This deposit is adjacent to and contiguous with the CleanTeq deposit.

In September 2016, the previous management of Jervois granted Australian Mines Ltd (AUZ) an option to acquire this project for A$6 million, of which A$4.5 million remains payable to Jervois in tranches up to November 2018.

In addition, once in production AUZ must pay a 1.5 percent royalty on the gross value of any mineral production. AUZ is advancing the project and is planning to release a pre feasibility study in May 2018.

The current JORC measured and indicated resource is 3.143Mt @ 434ppm Sc for total scandium oxide of 2,044 tonnes, or 1,363 tonnes of contained scandium. Planned annual production rates are 27.9 tonnes of scandium oxide at >99% purity.


Jervois has a 1.5% NSR on any production from Forest Reefs which is held by Newcrest. This project is currently in the exploration phase.


Jervois holds a 1.5% NSR over any base metal, magnetite or silver production from Mt Moss mine in Queensland, Australia. The mine is currently on care and maintenance and had a production capacity of approximately 0.5Mtpa magnetite prior to operations ceasing. Remaining resources were estimated at December 2012 as 11Mt @ 44.5% Fe in oxide (hematite) and 9.4Mt @ 45.0% Fe (magnetite). The mine also has the geological potential to produce copper and zinc concentrates as secondary products due to its skarn classification.

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